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Soul Snatch | "Milk Mission" Cow Kunoichi Set

Soul Snatch | "Milk Mission" Cow Kunoichi Set

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You can't choose whether to be a ninja or a cow, since both sound nice, especially for Valentine's day.

Don't worry. You can be a Cow Ninja right now and bring both milk and stealth! hidden beneath the top layer you reveal a chained cow bikini that is sure to distract. That's when you make your move.

They have not seen anything quite like this before so you better surprise them with this cutesy yet spicy fit.

 Set Includes

  • Handmade Cow Ears and Horns Headband
  • Cow Bell Choker
  • Chained Cow Micro Bikini
  • Fluffy Scarf
  • Obi Belt
  • Arm warmers with Long Sleeves
  • Yukata removable top With back Bow
  • Yukata removable bottoms with heart windows (Back and Front)


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