At Soul Snatch, my goal is to provide unique luxury gaming, anime and geek inspired lingerie and outfits so you may truly stand out and leave a unique and lasting impression on those around you. 

Simply look your best, whether you aim for a crowd or for a significant other.


I have always been drawn to cosplay, anime and gaming, but most of the time these products are low quality and out of reach. This is why I founded Soul Snatch in july 2022 to be able to provide well designed luxury lingerie and costumes.

My aim is to keep delivering luxury outfits that can't be knocked off easily and In the future I am looking forward to delighting you with my own unique inhouse designs to make you look good and feel good. 

I want you to stand out above the crowd so you can leave a lasting impression on whoever may be your audience.




I Make sure that the products do not only look good in pictures but are also made of the highest quality materials so that they feel good on your body. Luxury and comfort is the aim.


Stand out among the crowd even if your clothes have to shout out loud. The selections are in and of them selves different from what you always see in other places. They are expressive and made to turn heads. Spice up your life.


To set myself apart in this industry, I ship globally. With the manufacturers I strive for a worldwide reach.