Why did I pick Soul Snatch Store for my brand?

Why did I pick Soul Snatch Store for my brand?

Why did I pick Soul Snatch Store for my brand?

Soul Snatch Store may at first seem like an odd but interesting name for a fashion store. The ghost with heart eyes logo is equally playful yet unique. How did I come up with this idea and what is the meaning behind it? Keep reading to find out.

I was completely smitten when I first saw my partner in an exotic lingerie set. It helped strengthen the intimacy in our relationship and brought a lot of joy. In essence she had touched me in a very deep way.

It was almost as if she had taken control of my spirit and all other thoughts and ideas left my mind. That is where the concept of the ghost with the heart eyes comes from.

Not soon after there was this song called " snatched" by Big Boss Vette, which totally resonated with me and brought me back to that situation in my head. The lyrics " Snatched his Soul"  stuck with me. I ended up teasing my partner for being a soul snatcher since then.

Being a Soul Snatcher can be very personal in a relationship as it was in mine. But we cannot forget the huge explosion of content creatorsin recent years on Twitch, OnlyFans and other fan sites. In a way they are also the definition of Soul Snatchers.

This is why I settled on Soul Snatch Store as it has a nice ring to it. It flows well. And most importantly it has a deep personal meaning behind it that I know can resonate with others.

After spending a lot of time personally on the scene in the background, I decided to put my skills and contact to use and provide the best quality and best designed outfits to others outside my personal relationships. 

Know that this is a passion of mine and this is just a small business doing its best to provide you with the best of the best while fending off the much bigger, heavier hitting competition.

Couldn't do this without your support, so thank you!