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MoeFlavor vs. Soul Snatch Store

MoeFlavor 2022 Logo

You want to know what the differences are between MoeFlavor (a well established producer of anime lingerie for years) and Soul Snatch Store (a much smaller startup in the same market)

I will take you through our differences.

 MoeFlavor Soul Snatch Store
Location USA NL
Shipping USA and some products Worldwide Worldwide
Designs Unique Unique
Outfit Styles Cutesy and Kawaii Lingerie. Hot and Spicy BDSM.
Outfit Versatility Original Designs that work for intended purpose Flexible Designs that so you can spice up any waifu.
Website Pastel pink and white Hot pink and black
Business Large company focused on volume Small business focusing on customer care
Your Benefit Great for fitting in. Common established outfits. Great for standing out. new luxury outfits.


You can see that on the surface that we both sell Lingerie, but there is a difference. You can get the hottest items with us. For your partner. For your fans.

With MoeFlavor you can get some cutesy items that are safer for visiting twitch con or comic con.

Where you choose to shop is up to you, but take note of the differences.

Just know that becoming a Soul Snatcher is a lifestyle.


Edit 07-October-2022: It seems that MoeFlavor has been inspired by our colors and has changed their website and logo to hot pink and black:

Imitation is a form of flattery. We are humbled that we can inspire others.